Comcast in Action: Photos Illustrating the Impact of the Atmospheric Storm in Northern California

The record-setting Atmospheric Storm has heavily impacted California, especially the communities in Sacramento and Santa Cruz. The influx of rain has raised flooding risks, damaged utility lines, and prompted emergency evacuation measures. Rain or shine, Comcast crews are working around the clock to assess and repair damages in order to restore services for our customers.  



Power outages may affect your Xfinity and Comcast Business services because Comcast’s network requires commercial power to operate. Emergency management procedures dictate that power must be restored first and Comcast must receive clearance that it is safe and feasible for our network technicians to begin any restoration work. Comcast technicians are working with PGE and SMUD to gain access to the impacted areas. 


Heavy rain and high winds are causing trees and utility lines to fall. Comcast crews are utilizing bucket trucks and the full expertise of their staff to clear debris and repair damages as quickly and safely as possible. 


On 2nd street, two Comcast technicians are working together to repair fallen service lines. 


Due to the widespread impact and damage created by the Atmospheric Storm, many residential neighborhoods and businesses may be experiencing service disruption. As commercial power continues to be restored, we are moving from neighborhood to neighborhood, becoming more aware of the causes behind each service disruption. On the corner of 39th and 2nd, our technicians are clearing debris and working diligently to restore service. 

Santa Cruz 


Some roads, especially in remote areas, remain closed due to fallen trees and debris. The safety of our communities and employees is our top priority and Comcast takes special care during storms to ensure public safety. Once roads reopen and it deemed safe, our teams will be on their way to examine and repair damages as quickly as possible in accordance with public safety and regulatory guidance.  


Beyond power outages, storm-related damage has created significant damage to our network infrastructure that serves your neighborhood. Our seasoned technicians are analyzing damages and disruptions one case at a time to properly resolve these issues. 


Two Comcast technicians working together to gather fallen service lines near a Santa Cruz residential home to salvage equipment and conduct repairs. 


Our teams are committed to keeping you safe and connected. As you wait for your services to be restored, you can join a free Xfinity WiFi hotspot to stay online while our technicians work. Comcast’s network of nearly 147,000 public Xfinity WiFi hotspots throughout Northern and Central California are now available and free for anyone to use, including non-Xfinity customers. For more details on how to join, click here. 

We thank you for your patience as we work to recover from this period of severe storms. We truly value your business and sincerely regret any challenges or inconveniences these storm-related outages may have caused you, your family, or your business. 


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