From Technician to Vice President of Finance, Marcos Vicente Shares his Comcast Career Journey

For all of Marcos Vicente’s 20 years in the United States, he has also been a part of the Comcast family. Six months after arriving in Denver with his family, he was hired as a technician and quickly began his ascent to where he is today, Vice President of Finance and Business Operations for Comcast California, one of the largest regions in the country. “If I could rewind my entire 20 years, I would choose exactly the same course. I would start my career as a technician, where I learned so much and I would not change anything.”

During his time at Comcast, Marcos watched the company evolve, just as he has grown as well. “I took advantage of one of Comcast’s numerous, valuable employee benefits to continue my education. I worked full time and went back to school to pursue my bachelor’s degree and soon after that pursued a graduate degree.”

Marcos is a talented, well-rounded leader, and manages a team responsible for supporting all finance and business operations related functions in California, which has an enormous impact on Comcast’s overall business results.

With his two decades of experience, we wanted to hear what Bold Moves propelled Marcos from a technician in Denver to a Vice President in California.

What is one Bold Move you’d point to in your career?

One Bold Move was starting my career as a technician with the aspiration of learning as much as I could about the company and the business so one day, I could be part of the finance and business operations team. Comcast provides all of its employees with a range of support, benefits and resources to help transform goals and dreams into reality. Being a technician taught me so many things that I would not have learned if I hadn’t experienced what it was like to be out in the field and it also has helped in many ways in every step of my career.

What is one risky move that really paid off for you?

One risky move that really paid off was not pursuing a few opportunities where I could potentially climb up the career ladder faster, but I would have missed out on important learning and experiences. In other words, there were some tempting shortcuts, but I didn’t take them. Each time, I weighed the pros and cons and decided to stay where I was, while I continued to be the best that I could be. I’ve never chased titles, but instead looked for opportunities to learn, develop and grow. That patience and discipline ultimately helped me to make an even bigger impact on the organization.

What kind of challenges/opportunities has the pandemic presented you and your team?

During these unprecedented times, health and safety have been our top priority.  Together we have learned how to navigate through this pandemic and have managed to stay very connected.  We tapped into virtual tools, got creative and eventually found new ways to stay in touch, foster teamwork and build culture. We overcame obstacles and have found ways to connect that we hadn’t been doing before, which is gratifying for all of us. I’m honored to be part of such an amazing and resilient team.

Where are some areas you hope to see Comcast grow?

I hope we continue to close the digital divide. The opportunity to continue to invest more and more in closing the digital divide and helping students, seniors, veterans and others get the access to the Internet that they need to succeed. I was here when Internet Essentials was first introduced, so to see Comcast impact nearly 10 million people with low-cost internet in the last ten years, makes me hopeful for what we will continue to achieve.

What keeps you interested and engaged with the company?

What keeps me really engaged and interested in our company is our people, our most valued asset. The constant innovations and the endless opportunities our teams are given to be creative and use their strengths. We don’t stay comfortable. We keep looking through our customers’ lenses, employees’ lenses to see what is on the horizon and what people are looking for. That willingness to be uncomfortable and push for new ideas and innovations is what continues to keep me engaged with our company.

You’re originally from Brazil, how does your culture and your journey impact your work?

The Latino, specifically, the Brazilian culture, centers around family and community.

When I first moved to the U.S, it was a big culture shock, and fortunately, I’ve had so many committed stakeholders supporting me along the way. My time at Comcast has directly overlapped with my time here in the U.S, and the company has hugely supported me throughout these 20 years. They have fully embraced my family and me.

Comcast values family, community, diversity and inclusion. The opportunities are endless to be part of community-focused projects and events, which I have really enjoyed throughout the years. I believe my culture helps me be an empathetic leader who takes a community-focused approach in decision-making. This work culture allows every person to feel comfortable bringing their authentic self into their roles. This is very important to me.

What advice would you give to fellow LatinX or other multicultural professionals aspiring to be a Vice President one day?

Be yourself. Whether you’re starting your career or working on the next steps of your career, manifest your goals, be hungry, be patient, don’t settle, and trust that everything will come together at the right time.  Discovering what brings you happiness and doing that in your day to day will help you be your authentic self not only in the workplace but also in your daily lives. Seek a career and not just a job.

We are living in a time where corporations are taking a stand on social issues more than ever before. What role do you see yourself playing in these conversations and how do they help your team?

One of my roles is to make sure we create space to have these conversations and are committed to continuing building a workplace that is inclusive for all. Being intentional while listening is powerful and supports our ongoing commitment to our own and other people’s growth and learning. As stewards of Diversity, Equality and Inclusion, it is our responsibility to take action when we have the ability to be the one who influences. In my opinion, employees will bring out their authentic self when they feel a sense of inclusion, purpose and belonging.

What kind of content are you consuming these days? TV shows, books, blogs, podcasts, etc.

During the summer months, it’s too nice outside to not be outside, so as a family, we try to limit our TV time to enjoy the beautiful California outdoors. During the cooler months, we are always looking for new shows, movies, and series to watch together. One show we do enjoy watching is Saturday Night Live. This past year, I’ve watched more series than I have my whole life and currently, I am not following or binging on any series. More recently, I’ve been enjoying Adam Grant and Brené Brown’s podcasts as well as a few audiobooks.

What are you passionate about outside of the workplace?

I’m truly passionate about my family. I like cooking, trying out new restaurants, new foods, and different cuisines.   I also enjoy the outdoors, whether it’s hiking, biking or traveling.

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