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Tech Expert Andru Edwards Reviews Xfinity Storm-Ready WiFi

Tech Expert Andru Edwards reviews Storm-Ready WiFi by Xfinity

With winter in full swing, weather-related events are more likely to occur and impact your ability to stay connected to your loved ones and news updates. In the event the power goes out, Xfinity’s new Storm-Ready WiFi device provides 4 hours of connectivity. The device also doubles as a WiFi extender to hard-to-reach areas of the home even when you’re not experiencing a power outage. 

Consumer technology expert Andru Edwards recently reviewed Xfinity’s Storm-Ready WiFi. In his video review, he breaks down how the device works during a weather event and optimizes WiFi by expanding coverage across your home.  

Learn more about Xfinity’s Storm-Ready WiFi from Andru Edwards:

Stay connected to the people and experiences that matter most with Storm-Ready WiFi by Xfinity. To learn more, visit https://www.xfinity.com/learn/internet-service/stormready

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