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Comcast on Track to Bring Ultra-Fast Fiber Internet Service to Palo Alto

Jacob Mitchell speaks at Palo Alto Chamber of Commerce Mixer hosted by Comcast at local Xfinity store

Guest writer: Aaron Welch, freelance writer for the Silicon Valley Business Journal 

Among the many lessons of the Covid-19 pandemic was just how important reliable, fast internet is in our connected world. Thanks to recent investments by Comcast, Palo Alto residents and businesses can rest easy knowing they have access to industry-leading internet speeds and reliability. 

At a recent Palo Alto Chamber of Commerce monthly mixer hosted by Comcast at its local Xfinity Store, Chamber members, including Palo Alto Mayor Greer Stone, heard from Comcast representatives about the company’s plan to deliver multi-gig upload and download speeds as well as seamless Wi-Fi coverage inside and outside the home with its new 10G network.

Palo Alto Chamber of Commerce Mixer hosted by Comcast at local Xfinity store

“Comcast has made $3.8 billion in technology and network infrastructure investments in California, in the past three years,” said Alan Goldsmith, vice president of Comcast Business. “These network upgrades will provide Palo Alto residents the bandwidth they need and businesses the foundation to power growth and drive customer loyalty in our digital world. And with additional smart technology and cybersecurity advancements in the pipeline, Comcast is committed to maintaining the latest cutting-edge network.”

The Palo Alto event came less than a week after Comcast announced speed upgrades for millions of Comcast Xfinity Internet customers at no additional cost. The speed boost for its Connect, Xfinity Prepaid, Connect More and Fast services ensures customers can stream, surf and share on a network and service they can rely on today and in the future. 

“As the birthplace of Silicon Valley, Palo Alto embraces digital innovation, and access to affordable connectivity is critical to the success of our residents and business community,” said Stone. “I look forward to contributing to this discussion on how to best serve the broadband needs of our residents and businesses.”

Mayor Greer Stone speaks at the Palo Alto Chamber of Commerce Mixer hosted by Comcast at local Xfinity store

Comcast also showcased its progress with Project UP, the company’s 10-year, $1 billion initiative to advance digital equity and help build a future of unlimited possibilities. Since the start of the project, Comcast has opened more than 1,250 Lift Zones, which provide students and families with access to free, high-capacity Wi-Fi. Meanwhile, Comcast RISE, which supports the growth of small businesses, has uplifted over 13,500 small business owners with tech services, marketing resources and millions of dollars in grants. 

Coming off an unusually wet and stormy winter for the Bay Area, Comcast’s strategy for preventing outages was top of mind for many at the event. Goldsmith drew attention the company’s Xfinity Storm-Ready Wi-Fi, an innovative Wi-Fi device that maintains internet access even when the power goes out. 

“Storm-Ready Wi-Fi offers customers peace of mind,” Goldsmith said. “The device is designed to provide four hours of connectivity in the event the power goes out due to a storm, a public safety power shutoff or another reason. We’re proud to be the first internet service provider to offer a product designed to keep our customers online when the power goes out.”

Alan Goldsmith speaks at Palo Alto Chamber Mixer hosted by Comcast at local Xfinity store

Rounding out the presentation was a brief spotlight on Comcast’s new mobile phone service for businesses. “Offering nationwide 5G coverage and flexible data options, Comcast Business Mobile is the ideal mobile service for small businesses,” Goldsmith said. 

“The chamber thanks Comcast for being a community partner and hosting this event at its local Xfinity Store,” said Charlie Weidanz, chief executive of the Palo Alto Chamber of Commerce. “As advocates for local business owners, we appreciate Comcast’s efforts to support our community, both through its high-speed internet solutions as well as programs like Comcast RISE. We look forward to enjoying these impressive new services in our stores, restaurants and other local businesses.” 

The Palo Alto event highlighted Comcast’s partnership with Avenidas, a nonprofit which helps older adults throughout the mid-Peninsula be as active, engaged and healthy as possible by providing relevant services and programs. On Sunday May 19, Comcast employees will volunteer at the Avenidas 2024 Annual Lifetime Achievement reception honoring select awardees for their contributions to the community. 

Since 2018, Comcast has spent more than $20 billion on development and infrastructure to ensure that Xfinity has customers covered now and into the future. Visit our website to learn how Comcast’s innovative 10G network is delivering an exceptional internet experience with multi-gig speeds, low latency and the nation’s largest network of Wi-Fi hotspots.

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