How to Maximize an Xfinity Retail Store Visit

Xfinity store

Here at Comcast, we want to ensure that every customer is receiving the attention they deserve. Whether that be a technician helping during a power outage, or Comcast hosting an event for the local non-profit organization, our customers and communities are of the greatest importance to us. This includes the services that are provided to them. Xfinity is dedicated to providing customers with reliable and high-speed technology to keep them connected with the people and things that they love. To ensure this, Xfinity stores are structured to benefit the needs of everyone who walks through the door. Listed below are a couple of recommendations for maximizing your time in an Xfinity retail store.

Make an appointment before you go into your Xfinity store.

Before heading into any Xfinity store, research the closest store to your location beforehand. After locating the store, check online to see if there is an option to make an appointment before arrival. Almost all Xfinity stores have this option so customers are able to secure a time slot to make their time in the store efficient and quick. If you are not in need of any services and simply want to pay a bill, skip the line, and ask for the Xfinity self-service kiosks. All Xfinity stores provide customers the option to utilize these kiosks to help moderate the flow of people. No time to make it into the store to pay? Bills can also be fully paid online from anywhere, at any time!

Try to speak with one of the Retail Sales Professionals.

Maximizing an Xfinity store experience takes more than simply receiving quick and helpful guidance. Xfinity Retail Sales Professionals are present all around the store to ensure that you are not only receiving help, but also knowledgeable about what more there is to know. New products, recent upgrades, or a basic conversation about technology are all important topics for the team that they would be more than happy to discuss.

Ask for the latest promotions and deals on Xfinity products and services.

High-speed technology requires fast-paced tracking, and with Xfinity, it can start to feel overwhelming with every new upgrade. Despite it being challenging to track all the changes that happen to Xfinity products and services, it is not something that has to be done alone. Feel free to ask the Retail Sales Professionals about the latest and greatest promotions and deals on Xfinity products and services; that is why they are there! The team would be more than happy to formulate the best solutions for your technological needs.

Comcast would not be the company that it is today without our exceptional customers. Take it from Alejandro, a Retail Sales Professional at a California Xfinity store in Concord, CA, who emphasized why customer experience is important to him.

“The customer experience is important because it establishes a connection, and with that connection, you are able to better understand the customer’s need. People don’t trust who they don’t know, so it makes the experience much more trustworthy and personal.”

At Comcast Xfinity, we are here to meet you more than halfway, no matter what that looks like. Thank you for your continuous loyalty, and please visit us in-store anytime!

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