Black Business Month Spotlight: Aminah Robinson, Founder & Owner of The Black Food & Wine Experience

This August marks the return of Black Business Month, a time to support local and national Black-owned businesses. To celebrate, Comcast is spotlighting 2023 “Icons Among Us” winner Aminah Robinson, or better known for her nickname, Chef Mimi.

“Icons Among Us” is an initiative done in partnership with the Black Joy Parade in Oakland. Comcast has supported this initiative for the past three years. It was created to recognize local activists and leaders dedicated to being a warrior for racial equality. The award has since become an extension of the organization and a popular initiative that the community actively engages in as they nominate selfless individuals and celebrate the movement of racial equality beyond Black History Month.

For more than a decade, Chef Mimi has focused on the often-overlooked intersection of food, social justice, and entertainment. Through Chef Mimi LLC, she has brought to life three distinct brands. The first is The Black Food & Wine Experience, an interactive annual event that bridges food, beverage, education, health, and Black culture. Following this is “Bringing It To The Table,” otherwise known as the first culinary competition show highlighting the talent and passion of Black chefs. Last and certainly not least is Chef Mimi Catering, a boutique catering company that services Bay Area tech companies such as Facebook, Slack, Twilio and Lyft as well as non-profits and cultural events like the Coalition of Black Excellence and ESSENCE Festival.

Chef Mimi is passionate about bringing Black culture and food together to create the most amazing culinary experiences. As a classically trained chef, she believes that food is a universal experience that brings people together and allows them to share their heritage. It was through this idea that she founded The Black Food & Wine Experience. Mentioned previously, his event celebrates Black culture with food and entertainment while providing networking opportunities for members of Black and Indigenous communities who want to go into business themselves. This multi-day event first launched in 2016 and has since grown to include a summit featuring industry experts, a range of food purveyors, and wine and spirit makers. The 2023 Experience ran from June 11 to June 19, celebrating Juneteenth through panel discussions and sample bites and sips from various local, Black-led companies. The overall mission of The Black Food & Wine Experience is to provide a space where hospitality and Black excellence are cultivated, celebrated, and explored by all.

Learn more about The Black Food & Wine Experience here.


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